Evening school – learning new things – sowing for the cut flower garden

An evening sewing - root trainers, pots and trays
An evening sewing – root trainers, pots and trays

Tonight was part self-education and part catching up.  The pile of seed packets that I needed to sow with the passing of every week wasn’t getting any smaller and within that pile there was nothing familiar.

Last year I self-taught myself about sowing vegetables and became a little bit wiser.  This year I am continuing my education and trying to learn about cut flowers for additional credit.

I started confidently, filled the various root trainers, pots and trays with Grochar Seed Compost opened the first packets and boom . . . what the hell.  Everything was different.  Gone is the familiarity of vegetable seeds, the simplicity of one seed one mini pot then pot on etc.  Now I was faced with what looked like dust, kernels and alien spawn.  I was not set up for this.

So day 1 of Cut Flowers 101 I realised that I need a few new approaches, I am going to learn a lot and I may have to add vermiculite to what feels like a ever growing science lab in the shed..