Celebrate the return of Gardeners’ World on BBC 2 this Friday

Gardeners’ World is back on our screens this Friday @ 8pm (GMT).  A joyous moment worth celebrating.  A key date in the gardening calendar.

To celebrate the best tv on the BBC we play Longmeadow Lotto at our house and fancy dress as your favourite presenter.

Join in, download your Longmeadow Lotto form, play along and see who is the ‘best in show’ in your house.  We would love to hear your scores and find out how you celebrate Gardeners World.

Longmeadow Lotto Forms

Longmeadow Lotto (PDF)

Longmeadow Lotto (Word doc)


Floral fun for all the family.

Select 3 areas of Longmeadow which you think will be focused on this week’s Gardeners’ World.

Score every match, an area selected is featured in the programme, and discover who the best in show in your household is.

Longmeadow Areas

Beehives Jewel Garden
Box Ball Yard Long Walk
Compost Bins Mound
Coppice New Fruit Garden
Cottage Garden Orchard
Damp Garden Pond
Greenhouse – Heated Potting Shed
Greenhouse – Tall Spring Garden
Greenhouse – Top Veg Plot (Either Family or New)
Hen House Writing Garden
Herb Garden

Point System

5 points for every matched area

3 bonus points if Nellie appears in the matched area of the garden with a tennis ball

3 bonus points if Monty links to Jobs for the Weekend in the matched garden.


Please note that this is just for fun with no prizes.

Celebrate the joy of Gardeners’ World with Monty and all the team.

New series starts Friday 10th March @ 8pm on BBC2

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