Down and dirty

Maybe a few too many – Preparing to clean and sterilise seed pots for gardening

According to the Met Office the 1st of March in the UK is the first day of the meteorological spring.  Therefore it seems logical to have a spring clean.  In preparation of a busy weekend sowing seeds I decided to wash the small growing on pots (I use these growing on trays – I forget the brand name but they are regularly available – as it suits my style and for some reason find it easy to plan successional sowing) without trying to make too much of a mess.


  1. Filled the bath with warm water and a weak solution of detergent
  2. Brushed off any persistent dirt off the pots with a brush I had found under the sink
  3. Let the pots soak in the bath for 30 minutes or one episode of Community on Netflix
  4. Cleaned each individual pot
  5. Drained the bath of the detergent water and then sprayed the pots with shower water to get any residual detergent off
  6. Let the pots dry off
  7. Watched a few more episodes of Community and then remembered I’d better clean up the mess I had made before C. got home

Other suggestions

How To Clean and Sterilise Gardening Pots (Uses a 1:10 bleach to warm water mix)

Cleaning and Sterilising Garden Pots (Uses organic soap and vinegar)


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