Experiment 17:1-A carrot bed in a bathtub (Stage 1)

Stage 1 of Carrot Bed in a bathtub
Stage 1 of Carrot Bed in a bathtub (Photo by Claudia) . . . a bit rough and ready.An ugly ducking waiting to become an ugly swan

Stage 1 – Putting it together

I have always been a bit envious of the other plot owners who have bathtubs on their allotment who seem to grow absolutely everything in them.  Last year I feel if we had got a bathtub last year it would of just gathered rainwater.  This year I feel we are a bit more confident and so when a free bathtub came available on a neighbouring plot we jumped at the chance.  This is Stage 1 in our attempt to make sense of our new addition to our plot.

Things I thought were a good idea:

  1. Removed the drain  of the bathtub and drilled holes in the bottom of the bath to improve drainage.
  2. Secured a lining of fleece across the drain to ensure not everything falls out or blocks the new drainage holes.
  3. A layer of gravel and polystyrene chips along the bottom of the bath approx. 2 inches deep to improve drainage (also cuts down on the amount of soil / organic matter required to fill the bathtub).
  4. A layer of fleece on top of the gravel and chips so the soil / organic matter does not mix with the gravel et al.  This is often done in planting bulbs in containers so why not here?  What could go wrong?
  5. Raised the end without the plug hole so water ‘should’ drain towards the plug hole.

Things that might be a good idea:

  1. Angled the bathtub south-east for the light conditions and in theory with the raised aspect possibly more light for the whole bed.
  2. Raised the bathtub off the ground to increase a gap for drainage and reduce the chances of carrot fly attack (to exclude the low flying flies).
  3. Filled the bathtub with the sandy soil the foxes had kindly excavated in making their network of dens underneath my plot.

Things that are probably not a good idea (aka my attempt to defy physics):

  1. Rested the bathtub on an old dilapidated pallet.  I appreciate physics will win here.
  2. The angle of the bathtub with the raised end and only braced by a stick – barely an equal or an opposite force. Physics will be 2 for 2 as one day I will find the bathtub slid into the nearest bed like an ocean liner leaving its dry docks.

Oh well, I am sure we will work it out . . .

Jobs for the future

  1. Add support to the bathtub so there is no horrible surprises.
  2. A bit of landscaping to ‘prettify’ the scene

A little bit extra from people who actually know what they are doing:

RHS – How to Grow Carrots

BBC Gardening Guides – How to Grow Carrots

Carrot Fly

Vegetables and Bathtubs (Video)




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